Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The attitude towards unprotected sex

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I've decided to do paper unprotected sex. All I have done so far is the research. Although a friend of mine talked to me about her problems and she said I can use it as an interview for my paper. She recently had a scare where she had to take a pregnancy test about three weeks back. She was happy it came back negative, but if it would have came up positive, she wouldn't have known who the father was. Only a couple of weeks into the school year and she already slept with three guys without a condom. She said one of them she really thought was cute and the other two was when she was drunk and didn't take control of her body. She is on birth control was she said, " she forgets to take her pills most of the time".
I've also decided to print up a survey to hand out. I don't have all of the questions together yet, but i'm working on them. This is what I have so far.
1) Have you been sexually active since school has started?
2) If so, how many times?
3) Did you use protection and if so, how what type?
4) Are you on birth control and if so, what method?
5) If you don't use protection, do you think you are at risk of a disease? If not why?
6) Do you get tested regularly?
7) Do you have a steady partner?
8) Have you ever been pregnant?
That is all I have at this moment.

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