Tuesday, November 11, 2003

-Some attitudes toward unprotected sex-

1) It can't happen to me
2) condoms reduces the pleasure
3) I've had STD's before, it's no biggy
4) I use condoms sometimes(when I feel like it)
5) I'm on birth control, isn't that enough protection

-Those are the responses I have gotten from college females-
- Interview-

1) A couple of weeks into the school year, what did you experience?
I experienced the scare of being pregnant. I was late for my period and I knew it couldn't have been anything else.
2) What made you come to that conclusion?
When I first got to school I did nothing but party and consult in sexual activity. I met three boys on campus.
3) You had sex with all three boys?
Yes, one of them I liked a lot, so I wanted to do with him. The other two I met at parties and I was drunk. One think led to another.
4) Did you use protection with any of them?
No, and that is why I was scared. I wouldn't have know by who.
5) You weren't scared of catching a STD?
No, I have had many before so I don't get scared anymore.
6) Are you on birth control?
Yes, I take the pill but very seldomly.
7) Seldomly meaning you forget to take them?
8) Have you thought about changing your method?
No, I haven't put a lot of thought into it. It's something I would have to talk over with my parents.
9) What have you learned since you had to take that pregnancy test?
To be more careful. I'm in college, my parents sent me here because they thought I can be responsible on my own. I would have let them down along with myself if I would have had to tell them I was pregnant. I'm here to continue on with my education, so I learned to settle down on the partying.
- Interview-

1) Did you have a decision to attend college after completion of high school?
Yes, I did.
2) In what grade did you get pregnant?
November 2001 and I gave birth August 2002, right before I entered the 12th grade.
3) Did this change your college plans?
I thought it would, but my boyfriend told me to continue on with my plans and he wanted to take care of our daughter, while I attented school in Toledo.
4) Do you think you should have stayed at home anyway?
Yes, even though I go home almost every weekend, I feel I should be there with her daily. That's why my boyfriend and I made a decision for me to transfer to Clevelan State in January.
5) I know you don't regret having your daughter, but is there anything you would have done differently?
I would have waited until I was a little older. I have a lot of help with her so I woulnd't know.
6) Where you protecting yourself during sex?
Yes but no, not during sex. I was on the depo shot when I got pregnant. As far as condoms we never used them after the first time.
7) May I ask why?
My baby's father was the one I lost my virginity to, so we used a condom the first time. The next time we had intercourse without a condom and it felt better. After that we never used condoms.
8) Does being at school without your daughter and boyfriend make you a different person?
I think that if I stay here any longer it will, but as of now I still have in mind that my family is back in Cleveland and I don't want to jepordize that.
Why aren't more college students practicing safe sex? Is it because they really don't know what safe sex means. Safe sex means, not to get your partners blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk in your body. College students seem to think withdraw is a method of safe sex. Withdrawing the penis before ejaculation can still put you in the perdicument of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming pregnant. Then you have the students that do know the meaning, but they think it can't happen to them, but it can happen to everybody. I also fugured out the attitudes toward unprotected sex. You think that students would put some thought into the consequences of unprotected sex, but some college students care about the pleasure they get without using a condom.

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